A la Carte

A la Carte

  • Concierge service: $75 + $1 per mile (A loving staff member will drive to your home and pick your dog up for; Training, Boarding or even grooming. After what every service you choose your loving pet will be delivered to your doorstep at your scheduled date and time.
  • Heeling: Your dog walking by your side properly: $250 (Three day training that fundamentally teaches your dog to “Heel” on command.)
  • Come: $250 (Three day training that fundamentally teaches your dog to come on command.)
  • 24 hr. Behavior Evaluation: $175 (Written behavior evaluation by “Top Dogg” of your pet to determine training level, stability and soundness.)
  • Tricks: $175 (2-day trick training course. Choose 2.) Shake hands, Roll over, Take a bow, Sit up and beg, Back up on command

Standard Dog Bath Rates (Bath and fan dry only)

  • Toy: $20
  • Small: $25
  • Medium: $30
  • Large: $45
  • X large: $50



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