Puppy Raiser Program

Puppy Raiser Program

Help Us Raise a Puppy!

Puppy volunteer (Puppy Raiser) reports directly to Top Dogg K-9 Foundation director
of Training. The commitment will be approximately 2 – 18 months.

The volunteer puppy raiser program is of extreme importance to our program; it establishes the foundation of
early experiences, which are critical in preparing the puppy for Advanced Training. This project involves four
major areas of personal and financial responsibility:

Providing for the care and well-being of a Top Dogg K-9 Foundation puppy:

  1. A safe home environment
  2. Food and other supplies required for puppy raising
  3. Healthcare – preventative healthcare, spay or neuter at 6 months of age (when requested by
    the puppy program), and any other incidental healthcare requirements.
  4. Enrollment and participation in or Top Dogg K-9 Foundation -approved obedience classes for the duration of the project. Volunteer puppy raisers are also required to call each month to report the puppies progress for
    the duration of the project as well as report behavioral or medical problems to the our team.
  5. Socialization, which involves systematically exposing the puppy to a variety of environmental and
    situational experiences. Volunteer puppy raisers agree to follow Top Dogg K-9 Foundation approved socialization guidelines and handling techniques when working with the Top Dogg K-9 Foundation puppy.
  6. Transportation, which may include you driving for 3 hours costs (for puppies flying directly to the puppy
    raisers) as well as the costs associated with returning the puppy to one of Top Dogg K-9 Foundation training
    center for Advanced Training.

Willingness and ability to commit to the outlined responsibilities; Volunteer puppy raisers must have the
ability to safely house and care for a puppy from eight weeks of age until the required turn-in date
(approximately 12-18 months). Volunteer puppy raisers must be willing and able to devote time each day to
oversee the complete care of the puppy: feeding, grooming, socialization, and exercise as recommended
by Top Dogg K-9 Foundation Puppy Program.

Orientation to the Top Dogg K-9 Foundation Puppy Program, Top Dogg K-9 Foundation puppy obedience classes.

Puppy Raiser Orientation Folder and Puppy Raiser Manual.


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