Erick C. Sutton, Sr.

Erick C. Sutton, Sr.

I am writing on behalf of my husband, Atlanta native, MAJ (RET) Erick C. Sutton, Sr. and the changes I have seen in him since he has started working with Blake Rashad and the Top Dogg K9 Foundation, VDOGS Program. Erick met Voshka, a handsome Black Russian Terrier on January 16, 2016. There was an immediate connection between my husband and this amazing creature. My husband suffers from numerous challenges from his over 20 years of service to our great country. Invisible challenges that make his life difficult every single day.

Once Erick began training with Voshka multiple times a week, I saw changes begin to take place. Things like that handsome smile on his face and that twinkle in his blue eyes that I fell in love with 18 years ago, started to reappear every time he came home from working with this amazing animal. Could it be happening so quickly? Just from the training? The proof is right in front of me. He is not spending day after day in the basement. He is coming upstairs more frequently and spending time with our two special needs children and with me. We are still in training…But we are making progress. We are moving in a positive direction! I am so hopeful for our future!!!

We are eternally indebted for the VDOGS (Veterans Deserve Outstanding Generosity and Services) program and generosity of the Top Dogg K9 Foundation. We are grateful for getting to particIpate in the training of the uber talented service dog, Voshka. Words cannot express our appreciation for Blake and his expertise in approving Voshka for my husband, which is allowing Erick to start his journey of the healing process. Our whole family is benefiting from Daddy becoming Daddy again! Blake is an amazing trainer! He has a unique gift in selecting just the right breed of dog and matching them with veteran’s exact needs.

We hope and pray, as an entire family that Blake and the Top Dogg K9 Foundation can continue to place these great service dogs in order to assist other veterans, which will in turn, assist in making life changing moments for other veterans and their families. I hope you strongly consider the Top Dogg K9 Foundation to receive the funding they need to grow even further.

I am happy to answer any questions…

Erick Sutton Testimonial Letter

Earlier this year, my wife Vanessa, with her outstanding internet research abilities, located “Top Dogg” Blake Rashad and Top Dogg K9 Foundation, with his VDOGS (Veterans Deserve Outstanding Generosity and Services) program. She completed an online application on my behalf, for a service dog for me to hopefully obtain a “battle buddy” that could possibly help me integrate back into the family and this, “new to me,” civilian society as a truly functioning member, not just sitting and watching the time pass. Subsequently, we were both interviewed and were quickly placed with a Black Russian Terrier, named Voshka. The minute I laid eyes on him and started interacting with him, an amazing bonding took place.

My wife stated, “I haven’t seen that smile in a very long time.” I am truly thankful for the intense training and support that I have received from Blake’s professional demeanor and approach. His candor and commitment have thoroughly helped me, as a forcing function per se, come out of the basement and slowly see the light at the end of the tunnel. Several times a week for the past two plus months, I have been training with Voshka under Blake’s direction. We have slowly integrated back into public establishments with Voshka learning how to deal with everyday life without medication, something I am happy to report, is a choice for me.

After years and years of pushing my physical and mental capacities past the limit; through the deployments and intense training I have endured, the effects have led to a myriad of physical and mental issues that my service dog Voshka has an amazingly calming and serene effect as my new battle buddy and companion. I humbly and proudly served my country for over two decades. It was time for me to stand down when I retired. Now, with the assistance of Blake and the Top Dogg K9 Foundation, Voshka can pick up the pieces where I have been broken to serve and assist as he has been so well trained to do.

As someone who very rarely ever asks for assistance, I am grateful to my wife by helping bridge the gap as my caretaker in finding the Top Dogg K9 Foundation. They possess the ability to serve and assist so many of our country’s finest, as they have helped me. My sincerest thanks to Blake and his team for helping me approach this new chapter in my life with a much brighter future ahead thanks to Voshka by my side!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have regarding my recommendations for Blake Rashad and his Top Dogg K9 Foundation.

Sincerely, Erick C. Sutton

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