Blake “Top Dogg” Rashad

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Blake “Top Dogg” Rashad

Top Dogg enlisted into the US Army in 1981 where he trained K-9s for military use across the globe. Once out of the army, he became a police officer where because of his military skill set, he was chosen to start the K9 training program for the Atlanta Police Department. He successfully trained the City of Atlanta’s first three drug dogs, who made notable drug busts. After his tenure with the police department he began a career as a personal master k9 trainer, dog behaviorist and considered an expert witness for the judicial system. He has over 30 years of experience in performing task such as, obedience, agility, tracking, protection, patrol, bomb detection, drug detection, and for companionship.

In 2011, Top Dogg K-9 Foundation was born, providing Service Dogs and Companion Dogs to people with disabilities. He also continues to educate veterans and family members on how to assist the companions with assisting their Battle Buddy’s. Servicing the needs of the veteran is first and foremost.



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