A simple, relatively inexpensive technique has changed veterans’ lives for the better across the country. This solution comes with four paws, a wet nose and very specialized training: service dogs. Veterans who utilize service dogs report lower levels of depression and anxiety, fewer hospitalizations and numerous other benefits.

Support from individuals like you make it possible for us to touch the lives of deserving veterans whose lives can be changed, literally saved when paired with a service dog.


How You Can Help:
1. Register a Group and donate $22 each to join the Top Dogg Dog Walk For Mental Health
2. Make a gift below
3. Share our event on social media
4. Ask your employer to make a charity tax free donation

About Us

TDK9 is meeting the critical needs of disabled veteran families and local communities. Our mission is to reduce the number of military families that are impacted by suicide due to mental illness each year.

TDK9 Foundation stands on the principle that Veterans Deserve Outstanding Generosity and Service (VDOGS). It supports this principle by rescuing, training and pairing suitable K9s with disable veterans for a happier and healthy life. Hit the donate button and make a difference today!

Top Dogg K9 Foundation


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