Puppy Furlogh Program

Puppy Furlough Program

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Puppy Furlough Program: How It Helps Service Dogs For Veterans & Returning Vets

Puppy furlough is a program that allows service dogs in training to spend time away from their handlers and training facilities to experience life as a pet. This helps to ensure that the dogs are well-rounded and ready to support veterans with disabilities once they graduate from their training. Volunteers play an essential role in this process by providing care and support for the puppies during their furlough period.
Donations are also critical to supporting puppy furlough programs and helping them continue to provide much-needed assistance to our veterans. Whether you are willing to volunteer your time or make a financial contribution, your contributions will help create significant changes in the lives of those people who have served our country. So, if you are passionate about supporting veterans and their service dogs, consider lending your support to puppy furlough today.