Junior Dog Trainers Program

Students will engage in an (8 to 10) Week Dog Training Obedience Course. This course will be part lecture with a curriculum and part hands-on dog training. There will be a written test at the end of the course. So pay attention to details.

During this course, the student will train their own personal dog, a friend, family member, or neighbors dog. Each week the JDT will learn 1-2 commands, they will have (1) week to practice that command and perfect their dogs’ execution of that action. Moving forward we will build on what was taught in the previous training session, by adding additional commands each week. At the end of the course, your dog should be able to execute (8) to (9) commands proficiently.

Once the student has trained his or her dog effectively another group of students will follow the exact same model for (7 to 8) weeks. Students will be presented with a Certificate from Top Dogg K9 Foundation at the end of the course. They will also be given a letter of community service hours when for volunteerism and community service.

In addition to learning dog training we will also teach:
Dog Bite Prevention | Canine Sensitivity | How dogs are helping People
BADGE: Earn additional Top Dogg Training Badges by teaching your dog a cool trick like Salute, about-face, take a bow

Dogs participating must be UNDER the age of 5 years old (Older dogs must be evaluated and considered before joining), Non-Aggressive- Aggressive dogs WILL NOT be allowed to participate… toward People or other dogs. Dogs must have a rabies tag and be up to date on vaccinations
Students that DO NOT have a dog to train can still participate as helpers/volunteers. Some students may be interested in adopting a dog from a local shelter at a later date. We plan to partner with a local humane society or adoption agency for dogs available for adoption.

PLEDGE: Each participant will be given the task of raising $100 that will be donated to our Veteran Cause. Help us provide care and food for 2 months by raising the $100. We hope that students will learn the importance of giving, volunteerism, and community service by attaching the Jr Dog Trainer Club to Veterans that are struggling with the wounds of war.
Literature and a portal will be provided for processing electronic donations if needed. To Be Determined (Create a contest or event to show off what your dog has learned)

Start a Fundraiser: bit.ly/26LGwBs
Portal example: bit.ly/1rhXNCa

LOCATION: Top Dogg or founder and Master K9 Trainer will meet with the students weekly. Let’s come up with locations, days, and times:
We Understand that schools are allergy conscience therefore, let’s come up with the best meeting/training location. We can also meet in the parking lot at our facility at 4776 Hwy 78, Lilburn, Ga 30047

Kaitlyn has been in our training program for (5) years starting at the tender age of 9 years old.  Kaitlyn is now a Freshman in HS enrolled in Navy ROTC.