Veterans Application

Initial Application Process

In Order to qualify for our VDOGS program you must be deemed disabled by a medical doctor or with the Department of Veterans Affairs. Keep in mind that you may or maybe quality for a Service Dog. All VDOGS are not service animals, the best fit may be a trained Emotional Support or Companion Dog.

VDOGS are GIFTED to disabled military however, the training of these special animals are very expensive. Therefore, we ask for everyone must be fully on board and committed to participate in the training program and the completion of all requested documents.

Note: All of the fields marked * are mandatory in this application


Military Branch of Service*:
Highest Military Rank*:
Disability Recipient Status*:
Disability Recipient Percentage:
Dog Purpose:
Dog Existing:
Character Reference:
Marital Status*:
Pet Primary Caregiver:
Residence Type*:
Household Members:
Household Children:
Household Children Ages:
Household Allergies:
Household Pets:
Top Dogg K9 Exposure*:
Disability Diagnosis Status:
Counseling Status:
Financial Ability Status:
Training Ability Status:
Consent Status:
Signature Firstname:
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