Veteran Questionnaire

Veterans Questionnaire

Initial Application Process

In Order to qualify for our VDOGS program you must be deamed disabled by a medical doctor or with the Department of Veterans Affairs. Keep in mind that you may or maybe quality for a Service Dog. All VDOGS are not service animals, the best fit may be a trained Emotional Support or Companion Dog.

VDOGS are GIFTED to disabled military however, the training of these special animals are very expensive. Therefore, we ask for everyone must be fully on board and committed to participate in the training program and the completion of all requested documents.

Wounded Warrior Status:
Entry Year:
Exit Year:
Deployment Location:
Deployment Year:
War Campaign:
Discharge Status:
PTSD Status:
TBI Status:
Depression Status:
Depression Symptoms:
Anxiety Status:
Night Terrors Status:
Roadrage Status:
Roadrage Symptoms:
Therapist Status:
Psychiatrist Status:
Suicidal Thoughts Status:
Suicide Attempt Status:
Sleep Status:
Crowd Status:
Employment Status:
Employer Name:
Employment Years:
Transportation Status:
Place to live Status:

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