Veterans Application

Initial Application Processing Fee: $25

In Order to qualify for our VDOGS program you must be deamed disable by a medical doctor or with the Department of Veterans Affairs. Keep in mind that you may or maybe quality for a Service Dog. All VDOGS are not service animal, the best fit may be a trained Companion Dog.

VDOGS are GIFTED to disabled military however, the training of these special animals are very expensive. Therefore, we ask for everyone's assistance with fundraising, in order to defray that cost.

START A FUNDRAISER with your co-workers family and friends.

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  • Current / Previous Pet Information

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  • Agreement

  • I understand that all dogs evaluated may not be suitable for service dog work. It is solely the discretion of TDK9F in choosing a dog to benefit the client's needs. In order to maintain and keep ownership of my VDOGS you must commit to following a strict set of rules, regulations below: 1. Commit to ongoing training sessions 2. Commit to the upkeep of the dogs health and nutrition 3. Commit to feeding your VDOG a high-quality diet that may be more costly than your supermarket pet food. 4. Commit to keeping your VDOG groomed and apply monthly flea/tick and heartworm medications. You must agree/check all of the boxes below.
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